Maykadeh - Bahram Moterassed, MMFT  (Marriage & Family Therapist)

Neither Mine, Nor Yours
Everything is existence's, nothing is mine or yours.

"I Learned that every mortal will taste DEATH. But only some will taste LIFE."

A Sufi mystic knocked at the door of a very rich man. He was a beggar and he wanted just enough so that he could have his meal.
The rich man shouted at him and said, "Nobody knows you here!"
"But I know myself," said the dervish. "How sad it would be if the were true. If everybody knew me and I was not aware of who I am, how sad it would be. Yes, you are right, nobody knows me here. But I know myself."

"To know others is ;
To know yourself is 
To master others force;
To master yourself requires true strength." Lao-tzu

Yogi - Shanti (Peace Out)
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