Maykadeh - Bahram Moterassed, MMFT  (Marriage & Family Therapist)
"The Desire To Know Your Own Soul
Will End All Other Desires."


   "When people see things as beautiful, 
ugliness is created. 
When people see things as good, 
evil is created. 

Being and non-being produce each other. 
Difficult and easy complement each other..."
 Lao Tzu

A Sufi mystic knocked at the door of a very rich man. He was a beggar and he wanted just enough so that he could have his meal.
The rich man shouted at him and said, "Nobody knows you here!"
"But I know myself," said the dervish. "How sad it would be if the were true. If everybody knew me and I was not aware of who I am, how sad it would be. Yes, you are right, nobody knows me here. But I know myself."

"To know others is ;
To know yourself is 
To master others force;
To master yourself true strength." Lao-tzu

Buddha Oliver
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