Maykadeh - Reflection of the week
                  Maykadeh - Bahram Moterassed, MMFT  (Marriage & Family Therapist)

"Up to now you were just a dewdrop on the petals of a lotus. Beautiful -in the early sun it shines like a pearl, but soon it will be gone. As the sun becomes hot, it will evaporate. Our ordinary lives are just dewdrops. Before death destroys your dewdrop, have courage. Slip down from the lotus into the ocean. Certainly it is risky. The lotus is beautiful, the place is so velvety; the sun is warm, the wind is beautiful. And I am telling you, 'Take a jump -fall into the ocean.'  You will be lost, but it is not a loss: You will become the ocean. The dewdrop will not be found again, but it will remain spread all over the ocean forever and ever." Osho


Love and Devotion
Kip Mazuy
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